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  Young Stunna Boyz started in 2001 as the Lil' Lunaticz. The original members were Lil' Yung Buck (now known as Kayo), Lil' B (now known as CVB), Young Lance (now known as Young Nibb), and Lil' G. In 2002, "LL52" had to find a new name. Without a steady group name from 2002 until 2004, the group was together off & on. As of 2005, the YSB lineup includes Kayo, CVB, Young Nibb, A-Dogg and Tone-T, and in 2006, we released our first mixtape, "WestSide Connection V1" under Hood Starz Records. WestSide Connection Volume 2 On The Way, as well as Plain-N-Simple and Yellow Tape Young'nz.


Name: Kayo
A.K.A.: KawTune, J.L. Keyz
From: BH/F-Dot Street
An original Young Stunna Boy since 2001 (as a member of the Lil' Lunaticz), Kayo has been doin' his thing on the microphone since he was at the age of 10 in 1998. Expect big things from the boy.


Certified Village Boyy

A.K.A.: CVB, Monopoly

From: WestGate Village


Another founding father of the Young Stunna Boyz, "CVB" has been in the rap game since 2001, and has been a true lyricist since. He's been spittin' flows since he was at the age of 10 in 2001 with the Lil' Lunaticz. The boy's on fire!


Young Nibb

A.K.A.: CV Lok

From: BH/F-Dot Street


Another original Young Stunna Boy, Young Nibb has been in the game since age 11 in 2001. He's just tryin' to get his name in the streets, so watch out for the boy!



A.K.A.: Tone Dro

From: C-City


Tone-T has showed and proved that he'll fit in with the Young Stunna Boyz, as it is shown on the remix to "W-E-S-T-S-I-D-E" and "Gotta Be Real". He wasn't on WSCV-1 a lot, but you'll hear a lot more from "Tone Dro" on WestSide Connection V2



A.K.A.: Mr. WestSide

From: BH/Down Bottom M.A.Z.


A-Dogg joined the group and went straight to work, being featured on "Yall Should Know My Name" and "CVB Solo". Constantly freestyling and writing, he's been arguably the hardest worker in the group. Big things are soon to come from this Young Stunna Boy.